About Us

HipDial, LLC is based in Woodside, California. It was created out of frustration with current conference calling services that make you listen to interminable messages or remember complicated PINs, only to find somebody else on the line. We built the conference service we would use.

HipDial, LLC
2995 Woodside Rd, Suite 400
Woodside, CA 94062
(888) 848-4440

Meet the Founders

Kevin Laws founder of HipDial

Kevin Laws creates services he wants to exist and then hopes the rest of the world finds them useful. Sometimes the world does (VP Product at Epinions, IPO’d and bought by Ebay, Founder & CEO at Vast.com which powers vertical search for AOL, Yahoo, and Bing). Other times, it doesn’t (the first minute-tracking application for the Palm Treo). Currently on the board of Vast.com and AngelList. MBA, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Bachelor’s in Computer Science from Dickinson College.

Jonas Huckestein creates great products from scratch. After moving to the US from Germany in 2010 he was the first engineer at Campfire Labs (acquired by Groupon), founding CTO of Ark.com, and is a Director at the StartupBus. He got a Mathematics degree at 18, Computer Science at 21 and is on leave from technology management grad school. Before moving here he worked in management consulting.

Jonas Huckestein founder of HipDial