How to host a HipDial call from a different phone

HipDial identifies you as the owner and host of a conference line using your caller ID (the phone number that you are calling from). But what if you want to host a call from a different phone or want your friend to host a call because you can't make it in time? Luckily we have you covered:

Option 1: Add a number to the list of hosts


Each conference line has a list of host numbers. Whenever somebody calls the line from one of those numbers, they are considered the host and the call will start if people are waiting in line. If you frequently call in from a different phone (e.g. your office phone or a a phone in a conference room) or if you want to share your line with someone, you can add that phone number to the list.

If you have a corporate account, you can set up a global list of hosts that will work for all your lines.

Option 2: Use the emergency pin


If you're calling in from a phone without caller ID (e.g. from Skype or some VOIP phones), you can't use the first option. In this case you can still use the emergency pin that you can see on the left in your dashboard. Simply press * (star) and the pin while you're waiting and the call will start.

The emergency pin feature ensures that you are never locked out of your line. You can also share the pin with someone if you want them to start a call for you.

Option 3: Start the call without dialing in


If you're running late for a conference call and your guests are already dialed in and waiting, you can log in to your dashboard on from your computer or phone and manually start the call. This way everyone will be able to talk even though you're not there yet.

That's it. HipDial makes it effortless to start a conference call from your own phone. At the same time, you're never locked out of your line and can use these features to use HipDial whenever you want, from whichever phone you want.

Posted on 01 Sep 2012 by Jonas

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