Frequently Asked Questions

What is HipDial?

It’s a conference calling service that does just one thing. Easily. Very well.

Your own personal conference line. No PIN required, the conference starts when you show up. We notify you if anybody else shows up. You can always see who’s on via mobile or web site.

Making conference calls

When does the call start?

When you dial in. Before then, everybody hears hold music and is told to wait for you.

What if I can’t make the call, but want it to go ahead anyway?

Just add anybody who’s on the call as a host (you can always remove them with a single click later). Or go to the web page and click “start call”. It will start even if you aren’t there, and continue until the callers leave.

Can I see who’s on the call?

Yes. Log in. All callers will appear or disappear as they dial in and drop out. You can even make one the host or kick somebody out.

How many participants can attend a conference call?

We're currently limiting calls to 40 participants. Please reach out if this is not enough for your use-case.

How do you know it’s me?

You tell us. We use caller ID and you enter which numbers are hosts.

What if I can't get to my line to dial in?

In your dashboard when you log in, you will see an "emergency PIN". You can always press "*" and that number to host in a pinch.

How come you’re not sending me an SMS?

We are. But only to the first phone in the list. Make sure your mobile phone that receives text messages is the first one.

You may have disabled sending text messages in the dashboard, too.

How can I change the hold music??

On the paid plans, you can change the hold music that participants hear before you dial in. You can do this in your dashboard after logging in.

You, the host, won't hear this hold music though. Instead, you'll hear a periodic beep to make sure the line is still active. That way you can dial into your line ahead of time and put the phone on speaker until the first call participant dials in.


How do I record a call?

There's two ways to record a call:

  1. From the website: During a call a "Start recording" button will appear. Click it to start recording.
  2. From your phone: If you're on a call as the host, you can press * (star) to access the host menu. Press 1 to start or stop recording the call.

Please note that by law every participant will be notified that the call is now being recorded and a beep-tone will be played every once in a while.

A recording I made ends before the call ends. Why?

This can happen if you either left the call before everyone else or started the recording before you joined the call. The reason for this is a bit technical. Internally we only record one participant's leg of the call and when that participant leaves the call, the recording ends. Sadly, there's nothing we can do about that at the moment. One thing you can do is to keep an eye on the online interface. It'll automatically update and always show whether or not the current call is being recorded.

For the same reason, your recordings may sometimes be split up into multiple parts if you access the host menu during a recorded call or press the "Start call" button to manually start a call that you're not on yet.


Is this secure?

The best security is knowing who is on the call. Just visit the site during your call and you will see the participants.

HipDial offers exactly the same amount of security as traditional conference lines. If you think somebody is maliciously dropping in on your calls, you can change your HipDial number just like you could change the pin code in a traditional service.

What if somebody I didn't invite calls into the line during a call?

Whenever somebody joins or leaves the call you'll hear a beep to make sure that nobody can "sneak in".

If you get the "Team" or "Business" plan, you can lock the line during a call to prevent new callers from joining, too. The best security is knowing who is on the call. Just visit the site during your call and you will see the participants.

Plans & Billing

But there are free conference services. Why should I use you?

Because they are complicated. Many services (Google Voice, Speakeasy) block calls to them. You need a PIN. Other people may be on the line. If you want easy, you want HipDial.

HipDial gives you a real, dedicated phone number that works everywhere.

Are the minutes for each caller or for the whole conference?

Each caller.

Can I get a toll-free number?

Yes, of course! Just select 800, 855, 866, 877 or 888 as the area code for your HipDial line.

Can I see how many minutes I've used?

Yes. Simply choose the "Account details" link after logging in.

I'm managing lines for many people, not just myself. Can I sign them all up?

You can sign up for a corporate account. If you already have an account and would like to convert it into a corporate account or add more lines, contact

Help! My conference room/office has a separate phone number!

That's fine. Just add it. You can see the number by visiting the web site while on the call. Just click "make host" and that line will become a host. The only danger is that somebody dialing into your call who you probably already know (it's your conference room after all) will start the call.

Actually, it's somebody else's conference room.

In a pinch, you can use the emergency (gasp) PIN. Just press "*" and the pin code and you're the host.

I'm calling from somewhere without caller ID (Skype / caller ID blocked). How do I start the call?

If your caller ID is permanently blocked, we'd suggest we're probably not your ideal service. If it's temporary, just press "*" and the emergency PIN from your setup screen. You will become the host.

Will the participants of the call be charged for using HipDial?

No, it doesn't cost them anything to use HipDial. They may however be charged by their telephone provider for calling a local number. If you want this to be free at all times, you can just get a toll-free line.

Why does my credit card statement show STRIPE.COM?

It will change to "HIPDIAL.COM" soon. Stripe is our payment provider. STRIPE.COM is shown for American Express cards after the authorization until an actual charge is made.

When will I be billed?

We'll bill you once a month starting after your trial ends. Each bill contains a monthly charge for the upcoming month as any charges for the previous month's minutes.

We won't bill the first monthly charge until your trial period ends.

Which credit cards do you accept?

We accept all Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover, JCB, and Diners Club cards.

How do I cancel?

If you must go, you can cancel your account with one click in the web interface.

We will miss you. Honest.

Other questions

Can I turn off the voice prompts?


The only announcements are when somebody has to wait anyway, and we need to let them know that. You can customize this announcement in your settings. If the host and at least one caller are on the line, the conference starts with no announcements.

Is the live chat help on your website a bot?

No. The first message is automated if one of us is online but all subsequent messages come straight from us.

I have the coolest feature ever. Are you going to implement it?

Maybe. We'll consider it if it makes things even easier. And only if you send it to us at

Does HipDial work in Canada?


Issues & Troubleshooting

I receive too many SMS messages from HipDial?

We send you a text message whenever the first person dials into your conference line. The text message is sent to the phone number that is associated with your account. If necessary, you can turns this feature off completely.

If you get too many text messages, it's likely because people that you don't know are dialing your HipDial number. Some of the phone numbers we use were previously used for something else and some people may still have them saved somewhere. In that case, please reach out to us at and we can switch out your number.

In April 2013 we started buying phone numbers ahead of time and monitoring them for stray calls for a few days before we assign them to customers. This has helped us weed out the numbers that receive too much traffic. If you signed up before then, feel free to reach out and we can swap your number as well.

Very occassionally you might get callers accidentally dialing the wrong number. On the "Team" plan or higher, you can lock your line to prevent anyone from accessing it during or after a call. This is very rare though and shouldn't be a problem in practice.