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We set up HipDial lines for all our employees in the U.S. and toll-free lines for partner calls.

Remote collaboration is easier than ever and we're paying less than before.

—Jaclyn Andrews, Office Manager at Vast.com

This is absolutely brilliant: Instant conference calls, no PIN codes, no ‘at the tone speak your name’ cruft.

—Josh Stein,
Managing Director at DFJ

Love the service. Efficient and stays out of my way. Very friendly and attentive support.

—Chet Kapoor, CEO at Apigee

It's crazy that conference calls are still such a pain given all the great mobile tools out there. I'm thrilled to see Hipdial changing that.

—Bill Ready, CEO at Braintree Payments

Just signed up for @HipDial and we're so excited! We hope our clients like it just as much.

Fantastic service provided by @hipdial. Really not sure how I didn't hear about it sooner. #startups

Loving @HipDial - banks should have passwords, more other things shouldn't.

Love the HipDial conferencing service... easy, efficient, free! @HipDial

More love for @hipdial! It's so useful getting a txt message when someone dials your line. You can schedule a call then forget about it!

Efficiency tip of the day: Use @HipDial for conference calls. Super easy, no damn dialin code, & txts you when running late. Awesome sauce.

Hate conference calls? dont have lots of money? check out @hipdial all you have to do is call a number, no PIN!

@hipdial just used your service for a @uservoice sales call for the first time. awesome job @jonas - great visibility into attendees

@hipdial-loving this new conferencing app. No codes, personalized number, free.. Genius!

Just signed up for a free conference line with @HipDial no pin, looks easy! http://www.hipdial.com

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